Never lose track of your company's pulse


Motivate the team

Measure the happiness and wellbeing of your teams. Understand your people so you can increase productivity and decrease employee turnover.


Measure Internal Satisfaction

Use our Internal Net Promoter Score (iNPS) to measure satisfaction on a peer-to-peer level. The higher iNPS an employee has, the more valuable they are to their peers.


Grow a healthy culture

Pluckd helps your team to build a culture of continuous feedback, motivating everyone to keep growing and supporting each other.

How it works

Because we believe the fastest way to personal development is through honest helpful feedback, Pluckd allows continuous skills endorsements and daily self-reflections.


Sign up and invite your co-workers to the account.

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Collect your team's mood every day

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Endorse your colleagues hard skills and be endorsed by them.

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Map your Internal NPS changes and find out what areas you excel amongst your peers.

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As an account admin, have a complete overview of members and teams.

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