What is it for

We've built Pluckd to save money. Instead of creating new hiring processes, we wanted to recruit internally. The problem: sometimes (er, most of the times) we didn't know the full range of skills of our colleages. In fact, most of our talent was untapped... until now!
Magnifying glass for discovering talents
HR Professionals

Discover and make better use of existing talents in your company.

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Team Leaders

Internally recruit the right person for your projects.

A magnet for attracting feedback

Receive accurate and validating feedback.

How it works

Because we believe the fastest way to personal development is through honest helpful feedback, Pluckd allows continuous skills ratings.


Sign up and invite your co-workers to the account.

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Rate your colleagues hard skills and be rated by them.

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Map your weekly NPS changes and find out what areas you excel amongst your peers.

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As an account admin, have a complete overview of members and departments.

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