Bond with other teammates by helping them grow

A colleague proposing a peer to study together, illustrating how peers can mentor one another.
Commit to a goal in public

Self-improvement is a lot more fun when you are talking to others. Get support and feedback from your peers by sharing your journey in public.

We suggest mentors inside your company

Whenever you want to improve a skill, there is someone you work with that could lend a hand.

Support each other and grow together!

Watch your company turn into a community, where everybody shows support and helps each other.

You can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.

Napoleon Hill


What does your team know?

Everybody registers their skills

Are you a marketing wizard? Maybe you know all about project management? Or even...gardening?

It doesn't matter! Just let your team know what you can teach them.

Registering your knowledge with Pluckd
What's your area of expertise?

Get peer endorsements

Endorse your colleagues' skills and receive endorsements..

Who knows? Maybe you'll discover a hidden talent along the way!

Discovering people's talents with Pluckd
What do you want to achieve?

Set goals that motivate you

When you state a goal, you improve your chances of actually achieving it.

So commit publicly to a goal, and Pluckd will show you the colleagues who can help you achieve it.

Set which goals you want to improve
Lend a helping hand

Inspire others

Share your expertise with other team members, and follow them on their path to growth.

Share your knowledge

Grow your company as a community

Teams who grow together stay together! Improve your company culture, help your colleagues connect, and create a community.
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