Future-proof your workforce

Skills are evolving rapidly. The skills your company will need 5 years from now probably don’t exist today.

Pluckd gives you a clear, data-driven view of your team’s existing skills and potential, enabling you to make smarter talent decisions without the guesswork.

Two colleagues working together, illustrating skills and passion at work.
Map your Team's Skills

Get a comprehensive, instant view of your team's proficiencies. Spot the experts, identify training needs, and build balanced project teams.

Promote from within

Identify the right people for the right job. Get a shortlist of potential candidates for every role you need and skip the recruitment process.

Discover what your workforce is capable of

Get a real-time view of which skills and talents are available at any given moment. Discover your company’s core strengths and focus your training on the skills you need.

The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.

Harvey S. Firestone


Unlock potential

Talent Search

Find the best matched employees for an open position and unlock talent that would otherwise go unrecognized. The internal talent can hit the ground running and you no longer need to worry about culture mismatch.

Uncovering talents with Pluckd
Manage your talent pool

Peer endorsements

People’s capabilities stretch beyond what their title says. With 360º peer assessments you get an unbiased view of workforce skills. No more messy, out-of-date records!

Assess skills with peer endorsements
Lead with data

Team Dashboard

With our real-time dashboard, you can find out where your talent gap lies and what your team core strengths are.

Team insights with Pluckd
Empower Teams with Insight

Skill Matrices

Visualize your team’s skills in a skill matrix backed by peer endorsements. Elevate your management game by identifying strengths and areas for growth effortlessly.

Pluckd skill matrices
Feel the pulse

Mood tracking

Collect your team's mood every day. Keep burn-out in check and find out where a boost in motivation is needed - so you can keep performance always high.

Check your team's motivation level

Manage your talent like you manage your business

Don’t waste time looking for talents you already have. Increase internal mobility, upskilling and worker retention.
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