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Do you know HR leaders struggling to gain visibility into the skills available in their workforce? Invite them to join Pluckd with the unique link we'll generate for you!

🍪 90-days cookie duration

The unique link generated for you will be valid for 3 months. If, after clicking your link, your friend starts a paid plan on Pluckd within those 3 months, the commission is yours!

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Enjoy a 20% commission for 2 years for every new subscription referred by you. The more people you refer, the more money you make!

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You don’t need to be registered at Pluckd to become an affiliate, but we recommend that you at least experience our tool to see if it’s the right fit for you and your audience. You’ll need a PayPal account to receive payments.

You earn a 20% commission on your referral's subscription plan. If your referral is on a free plan, this means that you’ll get zero commissions until they upgrade. Once they do, you’ll receive the 20% recurring commission even if it’s past 90 days of our cookie duration.

In your dashboard, you'll be able to check all the info related to your referrals, like clicks, commissions earned, expected earnings, churned referrals, and others. You'll always be aware of every detail about your revenue!

You'll be paid for 2 years for every new referral you bring, as long as they don't cancel their subscription during this time. If your referral cancels their subscription before 2 years, you'll stop being paid for that contact.

You’ll receive a unique link to share with the person you want to invite to Pluckd. This special link has a 90-day cookie duration, which means that if your friend subscribes to Pluckd with your link within 3 months, we’ll know that it was thanks to you!

The sky is the limit! You can refer Pluckd to as many people as you want, and for each one of them, you’ll receive 20% of what they pay in a subscription for 2 years.