Team leaders can now visualize team competencies, align skills with project needs, and identify growth opportunities with auto-generated skill matrices. These matrices provide an instant visualization of team competencies, all backed by Pluckd’s peer endorsements.

Frequently used by HR and Learning & Development managers, a skills matrix is a tool for understanding the skill set of a group of people, like a team or project's members. It's a grid with the names of team members on one axis and a list of skills on the other. Inside the grid, each employee is assigned a score for each of the skills. This makes it easier to assess individual employees' competencies and identify skill gaps within the group.

Now, Pluckd’s Team Dashboards are equipped with Skill Matrices. Team leaders can visualize their team’s skills with the touch of a button. And the best part? It's all driven by peer endorsements. No more creating skill databases or grading systems. Select the skills and the team members, and watch the matrix come to life.

The skill levels are filled automatically based on the peer endorsements people receive inside Pluckd, so individuals are rated not only based on what they say they know but also on the skills they have actually demonstrated during work.

How it works

  1. Log into Pluckd and go to your team’s dashboard (or choose one of them if you lead multiple teams).
  2. At the top of the "Team’s top skills" card, you’ll find the "View Skill Matrix" button. Click it, and you’ll go to your team's skill matrix.
The link to the team's skill matrix is on the “Team’s top skills” card.

3. You've reached the Skill Matrix screen:

  • Select Skills: Start by selecting the skills relevant to your team or project.
  • Choose Team Members: Then select the team members you want to evaluate.
  • Click "Create Skills Matrix": Pluckd automatically creates a matrix based on peer endorsements.
Select the skills and team member you want to see in the Skill Matrix.

Once your matrix is created, the exploration begins:

Explore the power of skill matrices

You team's skill matrix is ready!

After taking stock of your team's existing skills, team leaders will be better equipped to assign tasks, plan projects, and understand people’s learning potential. However, there are some things to consider:

- Irrelevant Skills: Not all skills are equally important. Some might be taken for granted, like listing “English” while working in an English-speaking country. Don't be concerned if no team member possesses an evaluation for a skill you've selected. If you believe the skill is relevant, you can give endorsements to update the matrix.

A team member may not have any of the chosen skills. If you already know that person has the skill you're looking for, endorse them!

- Adjacent Skills: When you find a skill gap, consider adjacent skills related to the missing skill. Adding them to the matrix provides insight into who can more easily learn and close that gap.

- Involve Your Team: A skill matrix is a great tool for career development, communicating the skills needed for advancement. Regularly involve your team in reviewing and updating the matrix.

Now you are prepared to use Skill Matrices and let the talents of your team shine!

Paula Carolina Herta

Paula Carolina Herta

Software enthusiast and dancer! With 3 years in tech, I write for Pluckd to help you manage skills effectively.