Future-proof your workforce

Skill Visibility

Map your skill coverage and skill risk. Don’t lose those employees with mission-critical, yet rare, skills.

Learning and Development

Find out what your skill gaps are. Focus your training pipeline on the skills you actually need.

Skill Assessments at Scale

Ditch the ad/hoc methods like succession plans, referrals, and surveys. Stop wasting time digging into data swamps of outdated, hard-to-use information.

1. Invite your peers

As they log in, we ask them to assess their skills and who other registered users they know.

2. Enrich your profile, endorse your peers

Besides their skills, users are encouraged to add details about what they do as well as adding links to the portfolio platform they belong to like GitHub or Dribbble.

3. Peer endorsements

Your peers are the best people to assess your strengths. Endorse your colleagues' skills and receive endorsements. Ratings can come from anyone who works with you.

4. Know your company, know your team

Get a real-time view of which skills and talents are available at any given moment. Discover which are your team’s and your company’s core skills.

Manage your talent like you manage your business

Don’t waste time looking for talents you already have. Increase internal mobility, upskilling and worker retention.
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