Gain access to your employees' previously-untapped skills

Recognize your talents

Employees get frustrated when a vacancy they feel ready for goes to an outsider. Don’t let talents go unidentified.

Fill your positions faster

Recruiting processes can take up months and deliver very risky outcomes. Identify talents fast among people already acclimated with the way you work!

Don’t leave anyone behind

Intranet job boards and referrals allow you to identify only a subset of internal talents. Our search considers everybody.

How it works

1. Search for a single skill

We return all employees who have it. Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy.

Illustration demonstrating a simple skill search

2. Create a talent search

Add a combination of skills required for a given role or task. We rank the employees who best match that opportunity.

Illustration demonstrating Pluckd Talent Search

3. Save a talent search for later

Document your skill needs. Then see how effectively your training initiatives can increase the number of matches.

Illustration demonstrating saved Talent Searches

4. Unlock potential in your existing workforce

Promote from within and nurture a growth mindset culture.

Image of a businesswoman smiling

Manage your talent like you manage your business

Don’t waste time looking for talents you already have. Increase internal mobility, upskilling and worker retention.
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